Monthly Mission: Seek and Find Your Unbilled Jobs or Incomplete Billings

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Monthly Mission: Seek and Find Your Unbilled Jobs or Incomplete Billings

Ever had that nagging voice in your head saying, “I hope we’ve billed all our jobs….I think we billed all our jobs….how do I know if we billed all our jobs”?

Because we’ve been there too, this month’s mission is to seek and bill those pesky jobs that may have fallen through the cracks, lost and waiting to be rescued!

You work hard to deliver excellence and your customers want to pay you for your hard work.  Let’s not disappoint them by leaving a job unbilled!  In fact, the feedback we’ve seen from multiple surveys is that the customer would like an invoice sooner rather than later and they are expecting to be billed for the services.  

Due to short durations and smaller size a lot of the time T&M or cost-plus jobs are the ones that get overlooked.  They could be a part of a service department or a small projects division of the construction side.  These jobs can go missing for several reasons:

  • Not all the costs are in and you were waiting for that final vendor or sub invoice
  • Waiting for the jobs to finish and it just never got scheduled or you weren’t notified
  • Warranty or call back issues
  • Erroneously closed job
  • Required to use a customer portal to submit your bill, which can be a pain, so it was put off and never transmitted
  • Just plain forgot to send the customer a bill

The critical step in tracking and billing these types of jobs is developing an easy to follow system to find and identify them.   The system should be easy to follow because you want everyone on your team to stay updated and aware of these open, unbilled jobs.  The easier the system is to follow the easier it will be to get help when you need it.

We want you to feel like a Rockstar and on top of things so, we just released August’s mission: “Seek and Bill” in our All Access platform.

After this lesson you’ll know:

  1. what report to run and review,
  2. how to review it and
  3. how to determine the best day of the week to review jobs.

Capture profits, keep cash flowing and never miss a billing again.

Learn more about how to seek and bill these jobs, and create your own system, by joining us in the All Access platform.  We would love to see you there!

Note: In June, we focused on larger contract jobs and their billing cycle.  Based on the user feedback and questions we created a Cash Flow Management Checklist to help guide you through this process.  You can find it in our All Access platform.  Members can log in and type Cash Flow in the search box at the top.

Not a member, join here!

See you next time!


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