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We are crash test dummies for construction businesses. It started innocently enough. We went into accounting – where all the action exists. We quickly understood that if you want excitement in accounting, you have to create it.  People are curious and want to know what’s working and what isn’t, so we built on our business with the mission to provide an online resource for construction contractors.

Why Atlas CFO?

Some of you also know our friend Lindsay Young. Lindsay is a former employee of ours and now she is our strategic marketing partner. Lindsay has her own business, nu marketing, where she helps the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) community with strategy, image and exposure. Since she has come onboard with Atlas, she has begun asking us tough questions. She knows us well and many times knows the answer to the questions she asks. After she read the book, Start With Why, she challenged us to know our why.

The good news is the why is easy for us.

Business ownership is lonely.

One of the most sensitive areas of a business is their financials. If you want to talk about an area where you feel alone, it many times can be in the areas of financial decisions. There aren’t too many people that you can trust with financial decisions. Some people are judging you. Others have a competing interest. Sometimes you don’t know how get the information to make the decision. Not to mention once you make a financial decision, what was the effect?

So our why is that we want to get under the weight of the world with you. We help you understand, interpret and quantify financial decisions.

Our Why is, so you are not alone.

“Atlas has been a lifesaver! Our previous controller had embezzled over a million dollars from our company. Our bonding company suggested we work with Atlas to help us straighten out the business. Melissa, Atlas owner, came in and helped us sort out the entire accounting system and get us back on track. They provide amazing service and are extremely organized. There is no way we could have gotten through this without the help of Atlas!”

– Ron, Owner, Contractor

A little about us. (Shane and Melissa Dick)

We are married business owners of Atlas and started the business with a mission to help contractors and construction companies with their accounting and business challenges. We thrive on challenges and continuous learning to help both our business and our clients’ businesses.