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Our Mission

To help commercial construction contractors make financial decisions that increase their profitability and reduce stress.


Because business ownership and financial decisions are lonely.  We know.  We’ve been there.

About Us

Shane and Melissa are the owners of Atlas CFO.  They have been in the construction industry for over 20 years and started Atlas CFO in 2012 to serve the industry they love so much.

Prior to 2012, they spent their time getting ready to start Atlas CFO.

Shane’s experience in construction, financial analytics, financial modeling and reporting for a large multi-company enterprise served him well as the President and C.F.O. of a mechanical contractor, where he and Melissa worked together to improve profitability, encourage teamwork and provide financial stability.

Melissa’s experience managing the construction niche at a large regional public accounting firm allowed her to improve operations, create efficient processes and empower others when she and Shane became part owners of a mechanical contractor.  Melissa served as the C.O.O. for the company.

They have the typical nerd credentials, like the CPA, CCIFP and even the LEED certification.

Shane and Melissa grew up in the Midwest and always around the construction industry.  They met at Kansas State University, while getting their Accounting and Finance degrees and now live on a small farm with their three boys.  They enjoy spending time with family, the great outdoors, fitness, travel and furthering their knowledge on a wide range of topics.