What can you get ready to get done?

I’m a sci-fi lover, but I didn’t think I’d be in one.

And after just a few days of living in this sci-fi movie, I’m done. That’s it. I’m over it.

The brain can only handle one emotion at a time. What emotion have we been running on? Fear?

I realized that I was operating out of a fear-based brain. My mind spins with what-if scenarios of things that may or may not happen and how I can plan for it or pray for it or avoid it or any number of ideas that is not from a place of hope.

What if we replaced the fear with hope?

Many of us went through 9/11, 2007-2008, good days and bad days, and guess what? It changes. Whatever is going on today will change. This too shall pass.

Knowing that it will be behind us, how does that change what you will do today or tomorrow?

Will you sit on the couch and wait? Will you eat snacks and stare outside? Binge watch T.V.?

Hell. No.

And so I’m issuing a challenge for those who would join me:

What can you get ready to get done? How can you engage your team so that your company comes out better on the other side of this? What are the things that you know would be great, but you’ve been putting it off?

The thought of getting ready for what’s next is exciting. The idea of using some quiet time to get some stuff done that I’ve been meaning to do is a blessing. I’ve been rolling around some ideas in my head of what could be a ‘game-changer’ for construction contractors on the other side of this and here is a list of things I’m thinking about:

  1. What about creating an operational playbook for your company? A playbook is like a procedural handbook, but also a how-to. It describes how you operate as a company for various type of duties. I’ve seen some as detailed as how to install their thing at a job site to setting safety expectations to example proposal templates. Even if the process changes, if 75% was done, how much easier would it be to train new people? Make more money? Streamline operations? It could be divided by area and spread out among employees regardless of where they are working.
  2. What software isn’t fully implemented in your organization? What would it take to get it running awesome instead of so-so? How could you divide and conquer? What resources do you need? What cool things are in your software that you aren’t using? Document imaging? Approval routing? Field online timesheets? Expense reimbursement?
  3. What about setting up better internal communication? We love Teams by Microsoft at Atlas CFO. What software needs to be researched, but you just never have the time? What could someone else be working on to get you closer to better communication?
  4. What about that innovative tool that could change the way you do business you’ve been meaning to check out? Could someone start researching, testing, or implementing?
  5. What about that sales and marketing campaign that you’ve been pondering? What if you could do the groundwork now to be ready for when it turns back on? Social media? Email streams? Websites? Offers?
  6. What about cleaning up old files on the computer? Holy cow, that can get away from you.
  7. Speaking of files, what are your file protocols? Where should someone save the RFI or the correspondence on a job? If you have a system, great – can you make it better?
  8. What do you need to learn or be better at or have someone train you so that you can do more? The world of virtual courses is amazing. Shane has been teaching himself Microsoft Power BI and the experimenting he has done will benefit our clients in the future (and even now).
  9. What about assessing and cleaning out the vehicles in your company? I’ve seen some pretty full service vans in my life. 😊
  10. What resource have you been looking for? What expert do you need in your business to change how it operates next year? Sometimes it is a bit scary to reach out for help. Since you are no longer operating on fear, what phone call would you make? What email would you send? What have you been putting off?


I sure hope you join me in this challenge. Would you send me an email and let me know what you will be getting ready to get done? I would love to encourage you along the way. My email is mdick@atlas-business.com